Kyeamba Kennel & Training Club

Wagga Wagga

At KKTC we endeavour to provide a safe, relaxed environment in which our members and their canine companions can work to achieve their individual goals, with the help and guidance of our experienced instructors.

In addition to offering specialised training in a range of competitive dog sports, we have a strong focus on socialising and training for real world situations. KKTC is a strong advocate for responsible dog ownership in the local community, providing information to help educate and benefit our members and the wider community.

KKTC is strictly a positive reinforcement (reward based training) club and does not allow the use of check chains, prong collars or electric collars.

We are a small club, run by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Whatever you aspirations for yourself and your dog we would love to help, please have a look through the information on this site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.